Testimonial 06092015

Thank you Card

Dr. Sandwith:

I just want to thank you again so much for taking care of my mom and loving her as you did. Your bedside manner is like no other and the gift of your hands and what you do is truly a blessing.

My brother and I can't thank you enough, ever. We miss our mom more than you can imagine and thank you for the time we had her, along with God.

For when we bring some pleasure to another human heart, We have followed in His footsteps and we've had a little part In serving Him who loves us - for I'm sure it's true That in serving those around us, we serve and please Him, too.

Your thoughtfulness meant much more than words can say.

We wish you the best life has to offer and many many blessings. We also thank Craig and Kip as well. Mom was a tremendous person and we know she's rocking in heaven as you know.

As you requested - a current picture of my mom and her only living aunt taken on October, 17 2014.


Thank you very Much!