Testimonial 043015

April 30,2015

Eric L. Sandwith, MD
Northwest Florida Heart Institute
1032 Mar Wait Dr., Unit 230
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Dear Dr. Sandwith,

It's difficult where to begin this letter of gratitude, happiness, respect, honor, love, compassion, Inspiration and pure awesomeness for saving our daughter's life. Words can't describe all you did for our family , but most of all you were always there for my wife as well as and me. Our daughter is our greatest gift in life and I can't even imagine what life would have been without her.

It was truly meant to be for my wife to drive herself to the hospital that early Saturday morning, and for you being there at the perfect time and place. But It wasn't her time to 'go with Paul Walker' as you saved her during twelve hours of miracle surgery. You were there-at the beginning and everything in between. Your communications were always on the spot, keeping us updated, being factual, honest, and as much as possible in understandable laymen terms but thoroughly delivered with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. Your kindness, humor and professionalism were the best I've ever witnessed, not to mention 'The greatest hands of steel'. My wife is still in Florida with helping her with the recovery process but sadly I'm back In the great state of Texas, one of your favorite places! She keeps me well Informed and said she was 'blown away' after talking with you yesterday. You are definitely the Family Hero. Also, for your spare time reading enjoyment enclosed are a couple of sports articles regarding news on two sport athletes (naturally nothing bad about your beloved Seahawks!).

Dr. Sandwith, again from the bottom of our hearts, my wife and myself thank God for giving you these gifted hands, brains, knowledge and skills. And thank you Doctor, not for just being able to utilize these gifts/skills but for going far above and beyond to perform a miracle to save plus all you did for us! You will never be forgotten.

Best Personal Regards