Patient Letter

Dr Eric Sandwith
1032 Mar Walt Drive, Suite 230
Fort Walton Beach FL 32547
15 Jan 14

Dear Dr. Sandwith,

You asked for some feedback on our experience with you and the staff at the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. Dealing with you personally has been nothing but superb. Neither my wife or I have any experience with major medical operations except for previous heart attack 6 years ago and stent placement. She jumped in with both feet, didn't she? My point is that we don't have a lot of experience to draw from but even so we tell when we were dealing the best.

Your demeanor and patience in dealing with us conveyed a feeling of confidence that all would be fine. My wife had trepidation about the operation. With her family history she knew it needed to be done. Dr. Sandwith gets plaudits for expediting the process along and getting it done in a timely fashion. My wife and I both felt that time was of the essence.

The people in the CVICU were excellent. Matt, in particular, clarified some questions I had about the mechanics of the operation. A very patient caring nurse.

The size of the portions of food served in the CVICU were a bit overwhelming to my wife. She always felt like she had hardly eaten. Her preference would be for smaller portions, more variety and less gravy

Generally speaking I can say that the staff in the PCU were of the same high quality. My sister has a lot of experience in hospitals through her long time in the field. We often dealt with Mary, RN and she sticks out as another jewel

Your demeanor, skill and dedication will stay with our family forever. It was a time of year when family time is important and you personally shared some of your valuable time. That did not go unnoticed by us. You mentioned casually that you might be drawn toward teaching. I understand your motivation but that would be a great loss to the many others still waiting for your healing hands. In a small way my family knows what it is like to have a job that goes on around the clock and all year long. We truly appreciate it.

Thanks again for helping to give my wife more time to be with the many friends and loving family that she has .

Warmest regards