Impressed by Dr. Sandwith and his staff personal caring


After receiving the very rare diagnosis of a ruptured esophagus from the Niceville emergency room, I was sent immediately to Ft Walton Medical Center and specifically to Dr. Sandwith. I was told that he was the one who could repair the rupture. Upon my arrival late in the evening, Dr. Sandwith confirmed the diagnosis and recommended immediate surgery. He and his staff performed the surgery in the wee hours of the morning. This was a rare case, but I felt that Dr. Sand with and his staff were very technically competent and I was even more impressed by their personal caring. I know how perilous my situation was and I know that Dr. Sandwith's expertise and caring saved my life. Craig lngerman's, PA-C follow-up support has been outstanding and I have felt assured while in his very capable hands at all times.